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Exciting and Informative Music Lessons in Louisville, KY

Driving down the road with music blaring, suddenly it comes back to mind. You always wanted to know how to play an instrument but never thought you would be able to do it. Have we got the answer for you! Contact our talented and driven staff for an introductory music lesson in Louisville, KY to see if the instrument you’ve chosen is one you’d like to continue to learn. 

Louisville, KY, is our hometown, and we operate our business with the same hometown pride. You are our neighbors and friends, and we are bursting with excitement to share our passion with you. Steilberg String Instruments employs highly knowledgeable individuals who can’t wait to share with you.

Creating Lasting Memories

You can close your eyes and go back to a time when music moved you. From our earliest childhood memories, music has been in the forefront. It’s the universal language for everyone. That first concert you went to, your wedding day, even Christmas with the family. Music has had an essential part of creating comforting memories for us all.

If only you had taken those guitar lessons, you could have played during the holidays with all the family around. It’s never too late for a new beginning. We offer lessons for everyone from beginners to average players. You can still make upcoming experiences more memorable.

Not only do we provide stellar lessons, but we also have instruments for sale. With a variety of models available, you should be able to choose one that you will enjoy. Some of the models we carry include:

  • Archtop Acoustic/Electric
  • Archtop Semi-Acoustic/Electric
  • Flattop Acoustic
  • Electric Solidbody
  • 12 String
  • Nylon String
  • Resonator Guitars
  • Travel Guitars

As you can see, we have models for a lot of different tastes and preferences. You can view them online or by dropping by Steilberg String Instruments.

Moving In a Different Direction

When you think about music, you might be enticed to move in a completely different direction than the norm. When you visit the shops, sometimes your eye is drawn to something unusual that your friends don’t notice. The banjo has always looked interesting and guess what? We offer banjo lessons, too. We have staff who are adept with the banjo and will help you become a successful player in no time.

We have instruments here to use for our lessons; however, if you want to start on the right string, we have a Vega Senator 6-String, Goodtime 6-String Banjo with Pickup, and the Deering Goodtime 6-String Banjo models available for sale. 

You don’t have to purchase one right away, but sometimes people like to own their instrument right from the start so they can settle in and get comfortable with it. It’s entirely your choice! We are here and happy to help you either way. Reach out to our experienced staff to answer any questions for you.

Contact us today to arrange a music lesson. We proudly serve Louisville, KY, and the surrounding area.

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