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Deering Maple Blossom

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The best deal in a professional USA made maple banjo going! A beautiful Flamed Maple neck and resonator stained to a deep walnut, and Deering's own three-ply maple rim and Bell Bronze tone ring are lovingly crafted and assembled by the hands of Deering luthiers in California. A professional instrument from every angle, the Maple Blossom has the look, feel and sound to satisfy any ear, eye and heart. Capable of delivering a wealth of tones and sounds with a depth and a crisp harmonious punch at any volume, any picker would find a new happy home on the beautifully adorned fingerboard of this beautiful instrument. A classic maple bluegrass sound, it's got a feel and sound that a celtic, jazz, songwriting, or folk player will flip over. You could pay more for a lesser banjo, or give us a call and spend a lifetime with this one. Includes a deluxe hard shell case and a custom setup for you by your friends at Steilberg String Instruments.

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