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Taylor Baby Mahogany

Price: $449.99
SKU:  ae00-1047^102BABYMHGY
Manufacturer Part #:  BABYMHGY

How they get so much fun crammed into such a small package we aren't sure, but this ¾ size dreadnought is perfect for so many applications. A perfect travel companion for adults, a comfortable easy guitar to reach for while relaxing, a wonderful children's guitar, or a great compliment to your other full size guitars, this guitar sounds great, is comfortable to hold and plays like its larger siblings. This little one sports a solid mahogany top which compliments the arched mahogany back to provide a surprising depth and volume while the rugged mahogany neck with an ebony fingerboard fits hands of all sizes. Includes a padded gigbag and loving tweaks by your friends at Steilberg String Instruments.



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