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G and L Tribute JB Bass 3 Tone Sunburst

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SKU:  ae00-7208^277TRIBJB3TS
Manufacturer Part #:  TRIBJB3TS
This G&L Tribute JB bass looks killer!  Adorned with a 3 Tone Sunburst finish, block inlays, a Vintage Tinted satin neck, and a white pickguard, this bass has the look as well as the sound.  The single coil alnico pickups and simple volume, volume, tone setup give the JB that classic bright and focused Jazz bass tone.  However, due to Leo Fender's improvements such as a nickel plated cast brass Saddle Lock Bridge, this bass has increased clarity, punch, and sustain.  Includes a custom setup by your friends at Steilberg String Instruments. 

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