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Taylor GTe Mahogany with Aerocase

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Taylor’s new Grand Theater GTe features a solid Mahogany top and Solid Sapele back and sides.  With its shorter body and scale length, the GT’s proportions are smaller than the Grand Concert but larger than the GS Mini, finding a sweet spot where comfort meets rich, solid-wood tone. The Mahogany and Sapele tonewoods deliver a rich, balanced tone you’d expect from a full-size guitar, while its smaller footprint and shorter scale (24-1/8”) provide a slinkier feel that makes complex chords or arpeggio formations easier to hold. The GTe Mahogany reflects Taylor’s envelope-pushing design approach—we’ve adapted the tone-enhancing benefits of V-Class bracing into a new pattern that provides similar increases in volume and sustain for the GT’s smaller frame. Called C-Class bracing, this interior architecture boosts the response in the bass range, yielding warmth and presence that a guitar of this size typically can’t produce. The GTe Mahogany ships with built-in ES2 electronics for organic plugged-in tone and comes with an AeroCase, whose ultra-lightweight construction and padded walls provides ample protection in an easy to carry design.

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