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G&L Custom USA Comanche Blue w/ HSC

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If you're unfamiliar, the Comanche model by G&L Guitars, appears to be a traditional strat-style with unusual pickups and nothing more.  But that's where you'd be wrong - it's so much more than that.  Firstly all the hardware is first class, from the fret job to the cast brass tremelo system.  Secondly, the pickups are fantastic - these are the last pickups Leo Fender ever designed.  They are single coils - with the straightforward-ness, clarity, punch and defintion you'd expect, but with a little more meat than you may have heard before.  What is coolest though, is that they are humcancelling against themselves, so you've got no more noise.  The 5-way switch works like a tradional setup, until you engage the expansion switch which allows you to use the neck and bridge pickup together (unavailbale on a strat) AND all three pickups together (also, sadly unavalable on a strat).  We custom ordered this USA Comanche in blue with a Maple fretboard and a pearloid pickguard.  Includes a nice G&G hard shell case.

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